Saturday, October 28, 2006

User Observation (Scotland)

The previous days decision to hit the early commuters was instantly regrettable the moment my eyes struggled to open! In fact far from being a fact finding mission this visit to the coffee shop had now became a neccesity to recieve a caffine hit!
After spending 40 mins in Starbucks on Buchanan Street the outcomes were -
  • everyone basically buys a coffee only for themselves, only on two occassions did a customer buy over one cup to takeaway
  • if someone did buy food with their coffee it was customers who were using the sit in facilities, no one purchased food to takeaway
  • even those only having one cup still had to ensure their belongings were secure on them, eg handbags, bags, umbrella, so multiple cups would mean people will have to be even more careful

It was interesting when we filmed ourselves in typical situations as we could see the difficulties in opening doors, getting wallet/phones out and trying to press the lift/elevator buttons.

It was good to view the videos and photos taken by Mel and Chandra as they thought of things that didnt occur to myself and Hiroo. The speed of customers (getting in and out as fast as possible), buying food alongside the coffee and carrying the coffee into a car.

Its true of any team (never mind distributed teams) that every member brings something to the table and helps stimulate different opinions and views, in this project we have seen that there is different cultural/social differences between America and here in Scotland and this should hopefully mean that the final design can be adopted easily multinationally.

Cheers peeps!


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