Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thoughts/Discoveries while Prototyping

As I'm prototyping, I thought it would help me to keep a record of thoughts/ideas/discoveries I had.

The first surprise I had earlier today was that between the Dunkin' Donuts large coffee cup and the Starbucks small coffee cup, I couldn't create a sleeve-type holder that would fit securely around both. If I made one that fit around the Starbucks small near the top but not high enough to interfere with the lip or lid, than it only fit around the bottom 1/3 of the Dunkin' large. On the other hand, on that fit around the middle of the Dunkin' large didn't even catch the cup lip of the Starbucks small - the only thing it touched was the lid. Depending on how we would decide to attach the sleeve-type holders to the carrier, I believe that they will not work.

Second, I had the idea that the cup interface could instead be a c-shaped piece that could deform to fit around the cup and be released back to fit snugly around the cup. I cut out a square from the typical Starbucks tray, cut out the triangular bit that points toward the center, and then uct out the triangular bottom. It fits wonderfully around the cup I'm testing with right now, and seems like it could be a secure option. (I'm applying the concept to some of my prototypes.)

I came up with a new c-shaped idea while working on the bandolier. My tape ran out, and the cardboard tube, once installed with a slit, could be worked from top or side, expanding to fit larger cups.

Hooks seemed like a good idea for vertical modularity - I'm not sure my first iteration ones are that great, but I think they can be tinkered with.

Perhaps this is too complicated, but I would love something that can change size based on your cup. I'm wondering if a woven fabric of paper strips could do it?

Anyway, it is almost time for our meeting now, so I'll put these thoughts up and add later if necessary


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