Monday, November 06, 2006

What do we need to do?

  • Come to a shared visual understanding of the current 2 prototypes
  • Make the prototypes better at meeting criteria they are less good at now
  • Learn about materials that would be appropriate for these models
  • Choose materials and manufacturing processes
  • Narrow to one prototype
  • Have 2 identical prototypes built (mel says Thursday?)
  • Rehearse our presentation (mel says Friday?, if at all possible)
Questions that arise:

When should we narrow?
(Mel and I disagree on our personal opinions for a good timeline for the week - she proposes narrowing tomorrow, whereas I propose Thursday or Friday)

Do we need physical representations?
(yes, probably - until we've interacted with the ideas, we won't know about some of the inherent problems with the models.)

OMG how do we do all this in one week?
(ok, I know that wasn't a useful question, but I feel like we have a lot to get through)

Is there a laser cutter at Strathclyde?
(Depending on the model we choose, it may be useful to laser cut our prototypes. If that's the case, Olin has a laser cutter and access to it. If Strathclyde doesn't, we could ship prototypes to you, possibly.)

What process should we use to refine and improve our current models?
(personally, I'd propose using Thinkature - one space for both might propose cross-pollination, but could get messy)

---I guess that's where I stand after class today, but I'd love to hear your thoughts


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